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Video not working properly


I am in Autralia and have just finished a conversation over Zoom with a colleague in the Czech  Republic.   I could see and hear him,  and he coud hear me, but he could not see me because the screen which shoud have been showing me was full of coloured horizonal lines, mainly green.   When U first open the Zoom app on my computer, I could se myself in the video screen, but when I connected with his conouterwe bith cosaw those coloure lines rather than myself.  How do I fix that?.  


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

While the other participant in the meeting was seeing the horizontal lines were you still seeing yourself as a good normal video?

You might try to change your camera from one source to another. Turn your camera off and then back on. Unplug your camera and plug it back in.

If your video always looks good to you, but it continues to look back to the other person, then I would suspect it is on their end. Then I would look into the Zoom Settings -> Video -> Advanced where there are several options for quality, hardware acceleration, and rendering that might be able to make the corrections needed.


I would also have that other participant look at the Zoom -> Settings -> Statistics to see how much consumption of CPU and Memory is occurring. As well as on the Video portion of the Statistics to look at the Receive stats. Latency, Jitter, Packet Loss.

Here is a good article that outlines the advanced video settings.

Jeff Widgren

Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen

I am in USA.  I could see and hear other participants,  and they  could hear me, but they  could not see me because the screen which should have been showing me was showing  a closed door.   When U first open the Zoom app on my computer, I could not see my self in the video screen, and also could not see myself when I connect. Under the participant tab, the message read (suspend all participant activities?. everyone video and audio will be turned off, screen sharing will stop and the meeting will stop. I did not click to suspend the meeting).  How do I fix that?.  


Thank you for this advice. I have changed the video settings and now my colleague in the Czech Republic his able to see me.