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Video not working on HP Chromebook


We have two brand new HP Chromebooks that our sons started using for online school yesterday. Using the Zoom for Chrome - PWA app, upon joining their class/meeting, their video screen is black (with their display name in white). The “Start Video” icon/button in the lower left of the screen is unclickable. If we click the three-dot menu button on the thumbnail of their video at the top of the screen, we can click to start video - but that only takes away their white display name and the screen is completely black. 

This is occurring about 2/3 of the time they join a meeting. We have also tried using Zoom in the browser and the regular Zoom app (not for Chromebook). The problem is inconsistent and seems to come and go, no matter what we do (uninstalling/reinstalling apps, switching between browser and app, restarting the device, etc). Please help!!



I'm having the same intermittent issue with my camera only showing black on my new HP Chromebook when attending Zoom meetings. Have there been any potential fixes for this? Thank you.


I am having the same issue...... I hope they could fix it...