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Video not working for some meetings


Hi -- I'm running the zoom app on my chromebook (0724) .


- When I create and launch a meeting, my video & camera work fine.

- For some other people whose meetings I attend, my camera does not function during the meeting. It works fine when I'm in the waiting room, but when the meeting starts, my camera is grayed out. Meeting owners have sent me an invitation to turn on my camera and that doesn't work.

--- So far, this has happened multiple times consistently with one meeting creator (although it only started a few months ago -- before that it was working fine). It has happened once with a different meeting creator. Other meeting creators, it is fine with.

-- If I use the zoom app on my phone, video is fine. So it seems to be specific to the chrome app and not related to my account overall.


Note that these meeting creators are all people with different accounts and organizations.


Any suggestions?