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Video no longer works


I've been using ZOOM for a while now...nothing has changed...and last week my video stopped working when I use ZOOM. I can use other apps and my webcam works just fine. When I look at the settings, it indicates it is using my webcam...but no video. What am I doing wrong?



And...when I'm on a ZOOM call, my webcam indicator light is lit up like it is working, but the screen is black.

I have the same problem.  Why has Zoom not replied with some answers?  


Been having same issues, pc camera app shows camera working fine, zoom activates camera, light on, mic works but black screen, joyaccess webcam.


Same issue as mentioned above. Seems to have started within the last few days (like between Jan. 5 and Jan. 9.  I can be that specific because on the 5th it worked, and on the 9th it didn't. ☹️


I'm having a similar issue.
All of a sudden my video no longer works and is actually showing a blank white screen instead.
I've restarted the comp, checked privacy settings, checked for webcam driver updates (there were none) and reinstalled Zoom, with no changes. 
My video works on all other apps, so this makes me think it's a Zoom bug against certain webcam drivers?
There were moments when I first noticed the white screen, where it would flicker back to the video for a couple of seconds then back to the white screen. That has not happened for a few days now and remains white.
I've even tested of different Zoom accounts.

I am having the exact same issue.  Even uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom.  Still the same.. sometimes it works most the time is doesn't.



I fixed it by reinstalling the software.


Hi Dave  I to am having this problem. Did all the same as the previous person. Re installed Zoom still have the problem. What exactly did you do to fix yours?

Thanks in advance.

Reinstalling zoom fixed mine, no issues since. I use external camera, so not sure if that makes a difference. Have you checked that the camera is working in the camera app? Or update the camera software?


I'm not sure what happened or how it got fixed. I shut down my computer and restarted and it worked. 


I had this problem for six months!  My Zoom client would hang for exactly 5 minutes, then continue normally, only without video.  I'd been pulling my hair out for months over this - I tried everything - uninstalling/reinstalling, going back to a very old version, changing every video setting, updating drivers, etc. etc...

But just today I read a new post re antivirus software interfering with video feed.  Which got me thinking...   I had been down this road before but this time I logged into the Norton 360 website and found a bunch more information re their "SafeCam" feature. 

Turns out there is a list of pgms that can be black listed, white listed, or you can have Norton "ask" each time the pgm is used.   Unfortunately, this list is buried in the menu system such that I missed it before. 

Apparently the default setting is "ask", as all the pgms were set to that.  This initially baffled me, but I think I may have figured out what was going on... 

I think my popup blocker must have been preventing Norton from asking me whether it was Ok to enable the camera in Zoom.  That's all I can figure because i never saw a request from Norton to enable the camera.  And as soon as I changed it to "allow" (for Zoom), the camera started working again!   Sheesh!

Good to know, I use ESET myself and that can block stuff, what seems like random sometime, maybe reinstalling helped it recognise zoom as a not a threat.

My Anit-Virus is showing that the camera is allowed for Zoom... Sometimes my camera works sometimes not.  But it works on all other non-zoom apps