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Video lagging/freezing but Audio is clear and internet is fast


I’m having trouble with zoom where the video freezes but my internet connection is stable and the audio is clear. 

I’m using MacBook Pro M1 macOS Monterey ver. 12.3

and zoom app ver. 5.10.1


I’m not sure what the problem is because when I try using zoom in another MacBook laptop with the same wifi, the video doesn’t lag. The only difference is the other MacBook is running on intel. Could that be the problem with mine? Because mine is M1? If so, I need an update for this issue. 

Please help. Thank you 



I’d also add that I’ve been using zoom for a long time and I’ve only had this issue recently with the new update. 

me too



I'm also experiencing video freeze on Macbook M1, MacOS Monterey version 12.x, zoom 5.9.3 and 5.10.1

I've experienced this issue on both zoom 5.9.3 and 5.10.1 and did not encounter this issue prior to switching to the M1 platform in January 2022.

The freezing I see occurs on the gallery participant windows - which never occurred before.


Also happening on my intel macbook w/ Monterey 12.3 and zoom 5.10.1.


Same here. I am running it on a MacBook Pro M1 macOS Monterey version 12.0.1.


same issue here.  i have tried on multiple devices.  ipad, ipad pro and pc.  they all started lagging right after the latest zoom update.  and especially happens when someone screenshares something.


I have the same issue on MacOS Monterey 12.2.1 on version 5.10.1 of Zoom. The audio works perfectly, and both audio and video work perfectly for the other person. The lag is just with the video on my device. The internet connection does not appear to be the issue.


I have audio and video lag issues and I am on MacOS Monterey 12.4 intel Macbook pro. I have many complaints from other attendees regarding the lag in my audio. Is there a fix for this issue? It only started about a 1-2 months ago.


I have the same problem with Zoom Version: 5.10.7 (7748) and Mac OS Monterey 12.4. Intel. This issue only started when I upgraded to Monterey.  I see these reports go back months. Is anyone at Zoom planning to fix this?

Here is a recent response from Zoom support:


we have found out the cause of the issue from her why your audio is lagging on your participants' ends. You had experienced the downlink QoS delay larger than 2s on your end in your meeting. This means that the participants had larger than 2s RTT (round trip time) or delay in AS (application share or most commonly known as screen share) session downlink which triggered "Downlink QoS delay larger than 2s". Many of the participants connected to our MMR by TCP rather than UDP which means the unstable network or constant network jitters. The speed for TCP is slower while the speed of UDP is faster. TCP is a connection-oriented protocol, whereas UDP is a connectionless protocol.
I apologize that you had to experience this issue. I would recommend checking your network and firewall connections with this and making sure that the Zoom is whitelisted. Here's your guide for that. If you're unable to configure this, you may ask for assistance from your local IT.


My question to Zoom is: Why did it start recently? Also I have a Mac Desktop on the same network with none of these issues. This is a Zoom problem trying to pass it on to us.


Troubleshooting suggestions from support:


Open Zoom client and Quit from the Zoom menu
2. Open Terminal
3. Type: cd "Library/Application Support/"
4. Type: rm -rf data and hit enter.
5.  Uninstall Zoom Client
6. Reboot Mac\
7. Reinstall Zoom client:
1. Open Terminal
2. Copy and paste the following command: sudo killall -HUP mDNSResponder; sleep 2
3. Restart Mac
4. Try again