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Video keep skipping sideways



I used Zoom for the first time yesterday. I was in a 1:1 meeting. I could see my host fine, but the small video of myself kept scrolling and skipping  and wouldn't stabilise.  Does anyone know what's causing this and how I can fix it? It made me feel a bit seasick!

Many thanks



need more info. if you start a meeting with just yourself in Zoom does that same video behavior happen? is your webcam built into a laptop\pc\tablet\phone? or are you using an external USB webcam?

if it doesn't behave the same way when you are meeting with your self test then how do you connect to Zoom? describe your internet connection.

Hi and thanks for your reply.  My self video does the same whatever I do - the same frame jumping backwards and forwards.  I connect to Zoom wirelessly via a Sky router. I'm using a Lenovo Ideapad  Z500 Touch with built in camera.  Wifi isn't brilliant in my house so I'm wondering if that is causing the problems.

Hard wired ethernet is best for your connection to Zoom. wifi has latency and on a shared home network it shows in a zoom call as jittery video and audio. 

as far as your laptop webcam if you click the start menu and look for or type, "camera" it should bring up the windows camera app and display your webcam. if it looks fine then it isn't hardware. if it looks like you described then look for Lenovos service bridge app or system update app and see if there are any webcam driver updates.