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Video from external source



our problem: we do have a very weak internet connection via an antenna outside pointing to a mobile antenna „nearby“ (8km).. our upload ends up between 0,04 to 0,6 Mb/s. In 2021 talking about 5G this is really nothing! But that‘s life in germany 😉


My wife has to organize web meetings with zoom and somehow it works, even with her camera on. But when she tries to show a video to the customers it stops working: they just see a still image..


My question: would it somehow be possible to give zoom an external link to a video (be it on youtube or on our own webserver) and to let zoom play this video to the viewers? This way our restricted upload would not be a hurdle anymore because the webserver (or youtube) do have enough bandwidth 🙂


Just a thought, but I did not find anything in the documentation, so I guess it is not possible. But maybe I overread it?? Thanks for any input!


All the best - Hannes



Hello Hannes,

I don't believe your request is currently an option with Zoom.  As your device (computer/Tablet/Phone) is the source of the content (video) being shared Zoom is not aware of the external originating sources (Web server/YouTube).  

Zoom best practices for sharing video may help improve the experience if you are able to implement any of them.

- Have the video/recording locally stored

- Minimum bandwidth (1.5 Mbps upload)

- Updated Zoom client

- Optimize video sharing options 


Sharing & Playing Videos:


Regards: ZoomBulla


My internet connection is very pure every time but still while I am doing a conference meeting it looks very weak. Kindlyhelp me to fix this error or whatever it is.