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Video freezes intermittently Windows 11- capable CPU, ISP fine, C dock, Orbi mesh,


In addition, streaming works fine for Amazon prime, Youtube... not fine for FuboTV (similar problem).  This laptop is Lenovo Thinkbook.  Uses the native Intel Graphics, otherwise fully loaded. Two monitors, one into the computer, the other into Lenovo docking station.  Symptom:  Video slows or delays, or pops to speed and then slows/delays.  CPU, Graphics PU, RAM, all not stressed as monitored through Task Manager.   All drivers up-to-date.  Windows 11 at latest release. 


I get the impression there might be a packet problem, since FuboTV has a similar, though not exactly the same, issue.  Could this would point to the Orbi.  Netgear of no help.  I am not wandering, so mesh should not be a problem.  I am ethernet connected, but have tried wifi as well with no noticable difference.   



- Security settings?  McAfee Total Protection

- VPN settings?  I'm running E2EE, though I have also had the same problem when not.  I am running VPN.  (Do I need to when running E2EE?)   However, I have problem with VPN off. 

This has not been a recent problem... Occurred last year 21-22 teaching semesters when teaching a course.