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Video disabled but camera device still on


I have disabled my camera in Zoom but the device is still on. Camera indicator light is on. Is this some new update feature because I have not noticed this issue before. Looks like that Zoom keeps camera device always on and I dont want that. I want that when I enable video on meetings then camera can turn on.



Hi @TarL  How are you disabling your camera in Zoom?




If you are using an external Webcam, you may be using its built-in microphone as "the" microphone for your Zoom session and the camera is programmed to show the tally light while you are using its mic. You may need to use an alternate audio device if you don't want the camera.


Similarly, Zoom and other videoconferencing software keeps the selected camera device "alive" during an active videoconference but cuts off the video feed in to the meeting while you are "muting" the camera with the software's meeting controls.


Here, it's more about assuring users of quick response when you want to mute or enable the camera.


With  regards,


Simon Mackay