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Video Stopped Working on MacBook Pro


In the last month or so, my video on Zoom meetings just stopped working on my MacBook Pro 2018 15-inch running Monterey 12.1. Prior to that it worked fine. None of the trouble shooting steps seem to help. I only have the single built-in FaceTime camera on this device. The camera light is green, and I have set video on the Zoom app to be on. Out of ideas. 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @mommapat thank you for your post here on the Zoom Community! I was looking to see if there may have been anyone else with your same issue. I came across this post in the Community which could help. Basically it's suggesting to update the Zoom client because we fixed a camera issue in the past


Could you take a look and see if it fixes the issue when you update? 


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