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Video Processing ...for over an hour and half....


I know there was a problem last year with videos processing.  I've been waiting for a video for the last hour and half...I checked if something was wrong online, but it says everything is working...

Anyone else having issues....?

Thoughts on how to fix - I've logged out and back in...still nothing.

I guess a complete system shut down and back up is next...but 


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi @Tricksay13 thanks for your post to the Zoom Community! Typically cloud recordings are processed well under 24 hours and often times within an hour or two like you are expecting. Depending on the number of recordings by users, though, it could take closer to the mid way point of 24 hours, infrequently it will be closer to 24 hours. It's somewhat dynamic based on all the Zoom users out there creating recordings. Then we process them on the back and and make them available as soon as possible. 


If your cloud recording goes closer to 24 hours you may want to open a support ticket, but I bet you will see it soon! I checked with our systems as well and do not see any reports of issues with cloud recordings.


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