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Video Image Has A Green Tint


When using Zoom only I have a green tint on the person in front of the background using my PC and this does not happen on WebFx, Teams, or any other video conference framework.


video background of our logo (no green hues) -> me (looking green)


Any suggestions?


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hi @AuxTech, mind going into your Zoom settings > Video > Advanced > and checking or unchecking this setting to see if that helps? 



If that doesn't help, try updating your Zoom client. Or, if updating doesn't resolve your issue try to uninstall Zoom, reboot your computer, and re-install Zoom again from 

Zoom Community Moderator

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I've tried all the suggestions and the problem persist. Please  advise 


None of these solutions resolved the issue for me. I will try a different camera. Do you have any other solutions? Zoom is the only platform that has this issue.

I now have this same issue.  Was it resolved?  What did you do?

same here


I'm having this same issue and I use Zoom for work. Was there a solution that you found to remove the green tint?


After days of painful troubleshooting (testing the camera and sub-systems, deleting software, upgrading drivers, etc…), we solved it by performing a complete removal/delete of Zoom; and don’t forget to reboot, and then a fresh installation.

AuxTech - how do you ensure it's a complete removal/uninstall of zoom? Would like to try same