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Video Distortion


When I use Zoom on my desktop computer, the video picture that I see of me is distorted. See pic. Other members of the Zoom session tell me that my picture on their end is fine, no distortion. I had this problem on a previous computer and thought that it was a video card problem. However, I changed the video card (three different times) and it persisted. I bought a new computer and exactly the same problem occurred. I do not have this problem on a laptop which uses the same internet resources and sits adjacent to the desktop. Any suggestions as to cause or cure?

zoom video problem.PNG

zoom video problem 2.PNG



Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee

Hi drakerdad,

Has the camera been the same the entire time?  Your image that you are seeing is your local camera image.  It stays local on your network.  (ie...your reflection image on the Zoom meeting doesn't go to the Zoom cloud and back to your desk). There may be an issue with your camera if it has been the same one throughout this experience.

Thank you,



I have a similar problem with vertical stripes only but the camera works fine with Skype.  A relative had the same problem as me until a message from Zoom about an update, and then there were no problems.   How do I get the necessary update?