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VDI and Dell Wyse




Facing and issue, but didn't found any references how to solve it..

I'm trying to setup Zoom VDI on Dell Wyse ThinOS using Citrix provisioning.


Everything installed and configured as resommended including Citrix vitrual chanels, but..

When I start Zoom VDI from Wyse I can see only local video (camera), no remote video is received, also local video is not transmitted to other Zoom clients. Black screen instead of video.  After a minute Zoom app chashes.

If disable VDI plugin and optimization then Zoom vorks, but tooooo slow.


When connect to Citrix from Windows using Citrix Workspace + Plugin then Zoom VDI works fine.


Zoom VDI & plugin: 5.8.4 (latest available for Wyse)

VDI: Windows 10

Dell Wyse 3040 9.1.5067


Is it possible to solve this issue, or at least diagnose it somehow?



Did you get this fixed. I'm having a similar issue with my Dell Wyse client.