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Using host key with a waiting room


I work for a non-profit and we hold various meetings each month. These are hosted by a whole range of different people who either work for us or are members of the non-profit. It has become quite a clunky process to have so many people have a login to our Zoom account.


During our conference last year, I created approx 20 different licenced Zoom accounts as we had multiple sessions running concurrently and we used host keys instead of a login. This was a much easier process although it seemed that we had to have the waiting room turned off for this feature.


Is there any way to have a host key enabled but to still have a waiting room? Some of our meetings are highly sensitive so we still need this security of a waiting room. Might be important to note that we use the Personal Meeting ID as opposed to scheduling individual meetings.




You need to be in the meeting to claim host with the host key, so no it wont work with the waiting room.