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Using Zoom with Voiceover screen reader on iPhone


I have been testing the latest version of Zoom on an iPhone with iOS 16 in advance of some user testing sessions. Is it really as terrible as it seems to be, or am I missing something?


It sort of worked for about a minute, then the toolbar disappeared, which meant I couldn’t share the screen or get to the settings. I restarted the application, went into settings and enabled the “Always Show Toolbar” option. It worked for about a minute, then the toolbar disappeared again. Voiceover could access all the toolbar buttons even though they are not visible, but nothing happens when you double tap.


A couple of times I could see dialogs where you are supposed to select an option, but Voiceover doesn't read them when you swipe to them. Then an information drawer opened but I couldn't close it while Voiceover was running.


Apart from that, loads of other things went wrong and I had no idea what was happening most of the time even though I can see the screen. It's actually no worse than most of the mobile apps we test, but I was expecting it to be so much better.