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Using Zoom Wireless Headset: Conflict Between Speaker and Microphone

I have a Sennheiser wireless headset & mic that I use for calls. It works perfectly in Teams; both the earphone audio and the microphone.
However, when I've tried to use the same headset in Zoom, there's some kind of conflict that occurs. It seems like Zoom cannot use my headset simultaneously as both the Speaker and Microphone device. In Zoom's audio settings, if I set another audio device (like the laptop's internal speaker) as the Speaker, then Zoom can successfully my headset as the Microphone. And if I set another input device (like my webcam's mic, or the laptop's internal mic) as my Microphone, then Zoom can successfully use my headset's earphones as the Speaker. It's when I try to use my headset as both the Speaker and the Microphone that I run into this issue: a high-pitched ringing in the earphones, and no one can hear me speak through the microphone.

I've uninstalled and reinstalled Zoom, but no luck.