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Using Waiting Room to Filter Participants


Our group uses Zoom to host simple meetings - typically one speaker and everyone else just listens. From the start, we have always placed potential participants in the waiting room until we recognize their name and them let them into the meeting. (We got started that way because of concerns about allowing in disruptors. That concern has lessened and we would like to let people in more easily/quickly.)

We have a large Contact List for two reasons: 1- So that telephone callers are automatically identified in the meeting by name instead of showing their phone number.  2- So that known "computer" participants are quickly recognized and permitted into the meetings.

It would be nice if everyone on the Contact list could skip through the Waiting Room and only those who are unidentified (and not on the Contact list) were held in the Waiting Room until permitted entry by the host or co-host. Seems like an obvious and simple use of the Contact list.

Would that kind of filtering be possible? Is it already, and we just don't know how to do it? Thoughts, anyone?


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello again, @zoomer_tor_196.


There is no way currently to "filter" who can bypass an enabled Waiting Room. 


There is one setting which allows users who are on the same organizational account (all under the same account owner) to bypass the Waiting Room.  Based on the info in your other post, that's not the case with your meeting attendees.

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