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Using OBS plugin with a different active speaker


We have been using Zoom for worship for the past 2-plus years, gradually making our presentation more sophisticated. Currently I am sharing a Keynote slide presentation so our camera size options are limited to "postage stamp" while sharing, or full screen when i'm not.  I usually have host role and the person managing the cameras has a participant called "AV team" which we spotlight as the active speaker while I am presenting.


I've been fooling around with the OBS virtual camera plugin to see if it would help us create a more dynamic experience with larger camera view for the remote participants. However, since I am not the Zoom participant the audience wants to see, I'm wondering if and how I can include "AV team"s zoom presence (the one hooked up to the camera) in my OBS stage while keeping myself "spotlighted for everyone" so they are consistently seeing the presentation vs. jumping to "AV team" on full screen anytime someone talks. Can I pin a different user for just me while spotlighting myself for everybody else? Is there another, perhaps more elegant way to do this?