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Using 2 Cameras to host a Yoga Class


Hi There,

I'm using my iphone as my camera to video me full length so students can see my full body teaching yoga. This is on a tripod at the end of the room. The phone is secured horizontally, and the image has intuitively rotated horizontally on the phone.

I'm using my laptop placed closer to me to see my students on gallery mode.

Thank you for sharing how to spotlight my full length image, before! I got that now!

Upon further testing however,  my phone/video camera is showing my image roatated 90 degrees on my lap top (so side ways-on) and to other participants (it looks correct on the phone itself).  I've searched how to rectify this but the suggestions don't correspond to the menus/and drop downs available so perhaps the answers are out of date.

Would love to know how to get my image  shown as per the phone is videoing it, ie horizontally. Thanks so much 


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @Lorna1 after testing I would ensure that both your Zoom client and app are up-to-date, just because it's been a bit since you've posted this discussion. However, I did start a meeting on my iPhone and was able to rotate horizontally and the picture adjusted to the rotation of the phone in the meeting.  


First, suggest unlocking rotation on the iPhone.




Secondly, I was able to rotate video in-meeting on the iPhone. 


Before Rotating on iPhone and Meeting Client


🔄 rotate your iPhone and you should see your video reflect both in meeting and on your iPhone. 



Zoom Community Moderator

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this is not an answer; but another question, regarding my yoga practice using zoom.  my desktop set-up has 2 screens.

i would like one screen to be the teacher and one to be me. just me. not the whole class.

in some of my zoom sessions i can 'pin' my video so i can see myself. in my yoga classes this is not an option. how can i help my teachers to get this to work?