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Users unable to join a zoom meeting




I was hosting a zoom meeting and there were some users who could join with the zoom link immediately, and others were being asked for a meeting password after the zoom link was clicked. When they entered the meeting password they were denied access.


I am unsure if the issue comes from me creating zoom links months in advance, but I have had issues with zoom links intermittently. I created a new link and sent it out which resolved the issue. Has anyone had a similar issue?



If nothing has changed after restarting the Zoom app, you can try the methods below.

Confirm the Zoom token or details on your host
Contact the organizer of your Zoom call and ask again for a valid token and meeting details. Check to see if it matches the token you are trying to join. You can also ask the organizer to host you when you want to participate in a Zoom video conference.

Use a VPN or proxy server
If you have a VPN server on your device, turn it on and try entering the Zoom video conference call. If you’re able to join the meeting, this means it may be a geographical limitation error or some limitations of your Internet service provider or current Internet connection. Be sure to select a country where Zoom is available.

If you don’t have one, you can easily create an account and sign up for a premium VPN service.

Reinstall the Zoom app
You can try installing a new version of the Zoom app to fix the problem. First, uninstall the Zoom app on your device. Go to the Store section and search for Zoom. Now install the app. Try to join the Zoom meeting again.


This may help you,

Rachel Gomez