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Users of gmail are not receiving zoom invites-however they auto populate their calendar.


A zoom user (using zoom app on iPad) is creating meetings and sending invites.

Recipients are reporting that they are not getting the zoom invite in their gmail inbox. (Yes we’ve searched spam and trash and filters). the meetings ARE however, auto populating their calendar and appear as a pop up on their apple device (as a calendar notification). 



I am also an Apple user and have gmail.  I have the same problem, except my calendar is not populated.  But the accepted invite shows up in Zoom. This never happened before.

Zoom let's you create meetings. To send the invitation you need to integrate a calendar of your choice or scheduling software or copy the link and paste it into an email. If you want to automate this there is a marketplace app, Salepager, that let's you send invitations when creating a meeting as well as reminders and ensures deliverability.