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Users not able to join meeting after about 35 or so users


Anyone else having issues with zoom meetings of over 30 or so right now?  We have over 70 meetings going on within our org.  One of them is about 30+ people and they are reporting that any people trying to join are getting a server is busy response.  Don't see anything on status pages for zoom. 

Popup says "Unable to join this meeting".  
Our service is currently busy.  Please try again later. 


Errors, see below.  *   Server Busy
  *   Services currently busy
  *   Server encountered internal error, Error Code: 102005


Nothing for that error code returns on zoom knowledgebase searches. 



resolved our own issue by shutting the meeting down and starting up a brand new one with new link and all.  issue went away.  so some type of issue on zoom side it seems that was corrected by starting another meeting