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Users getting kicked out - joining method the cause?


1.  We have monthly meetings that last for several hours. The meetings are hosted by the same user who shares their screen with the same 5 users. I don't know what plan the host has.  

2. In the first meeting me and 2 other users were kicked out after app. 40 minutes. At the next meeting 1 user was kicked out after 40 minutes.  

3. I joined the first meeting by clicking the link in the email. I got in to the meeting without having to supply meeting ID and passcode and got kicked out as described above. In the second meeting I joined by logging in to my Zoom account, click Join Meeting, supplied meeting ID and passcode. I was not kicked out. I know the user who could got kicked out joined by clicking the link. 

4. Question: Could the different methods of joining a meeting be the cause of users getting kicked out?


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee


Joining methods on a meeting does not affect the 40 min meeting limits, the license of the host does.


Please see detailed limitations on Basic Licensed vs Licensed Users  in here >> Time limits for idle meetings.


Hope this helps!



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