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Users can only hear one MIC across Zoom but Users in the Office hear Both.


My organization has two Audio Technica XLR Mics, and a PA Speaker connected Through a Presonus 24C. We hear the output just fine from both Mics in the Office. We can hear our other Zoom users just fine through the Speaker. Unfortunately, since last spring, the other users on Zoom have only heard one mic. It is a weird issue; we have it on two different laptops. The problem also exists in Google Meet. It's some Windows audio issue, but I can't quite pin it down.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

This sounds like a signal flow issue.


You'll need to check to see how the Presonus 24C is configured (I assume you're using USB for the audio feed to the computer running Zoom). It's likely that the USB 'device' selected only includes input 1, when it needs to include inputs 1&2.


Some users online have also mentioned that this particular interface has issues with Zoom when running older firmware. Be sure to update to latest firmware whenever you get the chance.


Your local PA route will be completely different, so don't let the difference between what is heard locally vs. what is heard over Zoom throw you.