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Use of tablet


Hi Everybody,


I want to connect a Samsung Tab with my Macbook.

The Zoom meeting is running on the Mac but I want to use the Tablet to draw diagrams and underline some presentations.

Can I just use it with " Share your screen"? Does anyone has some experience to share with me?

It is a Samsung Galaxy S7

Thank you for your help!


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @HansLange, yeah you can! You can check out our KB article on Sharing a Whiteboard under 'Android' 


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Hi RN,


first thank you for the answer. What I am looking for is to us my tablet as a screen, where I can draw, underline etc in documents and show that inside the zoom meeting I am doing with my macbook. Does that makes more sense? So it is more like an extra screen I want to use it.