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Urgent: Issue with Charity Event Registrations - Need Assistance Restoring Data


We scheduled a meeting for our charity event, which consists 5 workshops


We have encountered difficulties with access for attendees during the workshops, and we have taken immediate action to resolve the problem.


Several attendees have reported access issues despite having registered for the event. They were prompted to register again when attending the second or third workshop. It's important to note that this problem only affected those who accessed the meeting using the provided meeting information (link, ID, and password). Attendees who accessed the event via the link provided in their confirmation email did not encounter any difficulties.


To rectify this issue and ensure a seamless experience for all participants, we have decided to remove the registration requirement altogether. Unfortunately, this means that all registration information, including email addresses and answers to the registration questions, has been unintentionally deleted. We deeply regret this oversight, and we understand the inconvenience caused to both you and our attendees.



At this time, we kindly request assistance in restoring the registration process. We have lost contact with almost 200 attendees, and it is crucial that we reestablish communication to ensure they receive important updates and information regarding the event. If there are any means by which we can retrieve their registration details or obtain alternative contact information, please let us know as soon as possible.





This just happened to me today. There was NO warning of any kind that changing to recurring would erase prior registrations. Horrible feature. It doesn't seem like the meeting link has changed so that the link in the prior confirmation emails should work on the day of the meeting.  But I have no idea who registered.