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Updating ZR computers


Hi everyone!


I was hoping to get some insight on how you all manage your ZR PC computers. We are looking to streamline how we bulk update our computers. Currently, we have to remote onto each one and sit there as we run updates. We'd like to update through the Zoom Admin portal. Is this possible? 


Thank you in advance!


Community Champion | Zoom Employee
Community Champion | Zoom Employee



The best way to accomplish this is utilizing Zoom Device Manager. 


Zoom Device Management(ZDM) is a device management tool, which offers additional remote functionality on ZR devices from the same Zoom web portal. ZDM allows you to manage your Zoom Rooms, devices and Zoom Clients without having to physically engage with each device or be an expert in device management.


With Apple and Windows ZR devices, there is a standard MDM enrollment process. With Zoom Clients there is a group enrollment process. With ZR Appliances, there’s no pre-enrollment or enrollment process necessary. These devices are ZDM supported out-of-box. ZDM for ZR Apple and Windows is based on MDM technology. Unlike traditional MDM tools, there’s no need to configure groups, policies or profiles with ZDM.


Take alook at the following article for more info: Getting-started-with-Zoom-Device-Management 


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