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Updates to OnZoom

Participant | Zoom Employee
Participant | Zoom Employee

We’re excited to share more information about what’s new in the OnZoom platform!


Waaay More Lead Time!

With Stripe enabled, Hosts can now schedule paid OnZoom Events for 12-months into the future! Note: The Stripe account that is linked to your OnZoom account should only be used for sales from events that are directly listed on OnZoom. (Learn More)


Refund Notifications

When Hosts issue a refund to registrants, you’ll receive an email notification with all the necessary details such as Event Name, refunded ticket name, total refund amount, and the order ID. 


Joining OnZoom Events

When registrants with calendars integrated into their Zoom desktop client are signed in to the client with credentials different than their Zoom Event registration credentials, they will see a View Event option. Only users signed in to the Zoom desktop client with the same credentials that are used for Zoom Event registration will see a Join button.


Also, if attendees attempt to join your event too early, they’ll see updated messaging explaining when the event is scheduled to begin. If they attempt to join after the event has concluded, they’ll see messaging explaining when the event ended.


Simplified Registration

The registration process for paid and free events is event more simple and streamlined now! We’ve aggregated similar functions and removed redundant information from the registration flow, making it even easier for your guests to register for your events. 


Need to Cancel?

Hosts can cancel a live event from the Events page resulting in sessions ending immediately and the cancelled event being removed from the web portal. Additionally, Attendees will see a message that the event was cancelled followed by an email notifying them that 1) the event has been cancelled, and 2) refund details if the cancelled event was a paid event.

If wish to cancel a specific order from a customer, rather than the entire event, you may now do so from the Event Summary>Order tab. Simply provide a message to the registrant, and upon canceling the order, all tickets associated with this order will be cancelled. Registrants will receive an email with the message you customized. In the case of a paid event, a full refund will initiate and process automatically.