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Update option in the latest version of Zoom is missing


I used to click on the photo on the top right-hand corner and a dropdown box would include an option for checking for updates.  I cannot find that function anywhere.  Does anyone have the same experience?  Does anyone how to do updates now?  Thanks in anticipation for your help. Cheers Joseph



Hi Dick

Joseph140 here.   As above, confirming that I have had no further issues after I uninstalled and re-installed Zoom.  The Update function is back where it used to be.  All the best.

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I still have that update button... Maybe install and uninstall Zoom again

Hi and thanks for confirming your update function is still there.  On that basis, I did uninstall re-install.  It now works again.  I noted the version of the old install was still 9.x while the new one is 10.x

All good now, cheers


I am running version 5.10.1 (4420). It does not have the Update menu option, as described in this discussion thread. Zoom has a support article that says to update by either clicking on the (non-existent) Update menu selection, or just download the current version from the Zoom website. I tried downloading, which gives me the file ZoomInstaller.exe. However, when I run that exe file, all it does is open my current version Zoom app, rather than downloading the updated version!

After posting this, I uninstalled the Windows app from my PC. Then, I ran ZoomInstaller.exe again. This time, it installed the current version (5.10.4). When I open the updated version, the "Check for updates" option is back in the dropdown menu.


I have the exact same problem!



Hi Dick

Joseph140 here.   As above, confirming that I have had no further issues after I uninstalled and re-installed Zoom.  The Update function is back where it used to be.  All the best.


I cannot update to version 5.10.6


As described in the this tread, I cannot update from version 5.10.1 to 5.10.6 on my Windows laptop. If I use Windows to uninstall Zoom and reinstall it, will I lose all the recurring meetings and other settings I have in place for Zoom?  

For the record, I did uninstall Zoom and reinstall it. I did not lose my recurring meetings and the settings seemed to be the same. I did lose the links to my Zoom backgrounds. 

Thanks Steve7.


Hello All and Future Readers,


I'm sure there is a thread in Zoom's support somewhere that breaks down what features are and aren't available when installing the .MSI (Admin version for controlled updating) and .EXE (End-user self-managed version). Both can be installed by anyone granted they have privilege's to install programs on their device.


That said, if the .MSI version is installed, it's a hit or miss as to if that will allow one to see the "Check for Updates". That is a setting control your place of business Zoom Admin has to allow . I have the .MSI installed on my computer but every so often, that option disappears and its because by default, in the Admin portal, it is disabled. The .EXE version will always be there, unless Zoom accidently breaks it with an update (has only happened once that I can recall).

Another difference between the Zoom.exe installer vs the Zoom.msi installer is:

- The .EXE version is user profile specific. Meaning if it is a shared computer with multiple users, one profile only will have it installed and working. There are some exceptions to this but are based on company domain policies and if every current user installed it under there profile (unless Zoom has changed that).

- The .MSI version will be installed for all users (current and future accounts created from when logging into that computer)


The easiest way to determine which version you have is simple. (note: %root% is the local disk c:, d:, e:, etc. or whatever your local disk drive letter is. Typically it will be "C:".)

- Right-click on the Zoom desktop shortcut and select "Properties"

  - In the "Target" filed, if it is "%root%\Users\%username%\AppData..." it is the .EXE version

  - In the "Target" filed, if it is "%root%\Program Files\Zoom..." it is the .MSI

  - In the "Target" filed, if it is "%root%\Program Files (x86)\Zoom..." it is the .MSI


I hope this helps clear this up for all.



Thank you for posting about the difference when Zoom is installed from an MSI file. That was my situation and several forum posts fail to mention that exception.