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Unstable zoom video


After the latest Zoom update, my video connection began intermittently freezing and jerking.  I tried checking my camera, rebooting my computer as well as unintalling and reinstalling Zoom.  None of that has helped.  This has also happened to a few other meeting participants.  I have windows 11.  



I have the same problem for a few days now


I am glad to hear from you guys as it seems to be happening to me and other friends over the past 3 days.

I have tried everything changing cams, updating drivers. I really hope Zoom fixes it quickly into the coming week.


I found some comments in the community and made it into a quick pdf.

It seems to work great for me now!!

Hi Polochon,  I found the location of your suggested fix.  I have tried it once and it seemed to work.  I will try it again to see if it consistently works to fix the problem.  


I am experiencing the same thing. Also Uninstaller and reinstall to no avail. Windows 11 also. And other zoom friends too. I had to use old computer to zoom but today it did update automatically and screwed up zoom there too. Don't know what to do.


I tried suggested fix on the advanced settings, to no avail.  I also went into advanced and changed video rendering post process to enable from auto as well as video capturing to direct show from auto to no avail....did seem to slow down the frequency of malfunction but did not resolve it....



I have been having the same issue as well.  My video image flickers, and then progresses to turning grainy and green.  If I let the issue continue without turning off my video camera, my video image is replaced by the flickering video of the person who is speaking in the zoom meeting (could be anyone) a mirror image of what I'm seeing.  It is hard on everybody in my business zoom meetings to watch this happening.  The only temporary fix I have at the moment is to turn my video camera off while continuing hosting and speaking by audio only, which affects the quality of my business meetings. This is occuring on a PC, running Windows 11.  


I also have this same issue.  I tried the posted fixes in the advance video settings and that did not work.  I also tried using an intermediary pass-through such as SplitCam and that also did not work.  My video seems to work for a period of time then it freezes and jerks and a whole other series of weirdness.  Jumping to a still image then restarting the video will clear the issue but it only lasts for a few minutes.    This appears to be a bug introduced with the current update in place since the last version did not have this issue.


At first I thought this may have had to do with room lighting since I work in a room with a lot of indirect light due to lit equipment I operate, and high room lighting gives me a problem.  So I also added a small lamp at my desk just to slightly improve my face lighting, and tried at various light levels.  That also did not work.


Windows 10, Ver 22H2

Zoom Ver 5.13.3 (11494)

Dell Laptop, 8 MB RAM, I3 core.


** While this system is a little vintage I have not had any prior issues with Zoom or any other video conference programs such as Google Meet, Skype, or MS Teams.  This is a new bug in Zoom IMO.


Polochon's suggestion seemed to's worth a is my expanded version:

Within a live Zoom Meeting, on the Video icon at the bottom left of the Zoom Meeting screen, click the arrow on the right of the Video icon.  Then choose Video Settings.  Then scroll to the bottom and choose Advanced.  Then ensure the "Optimize Video Quality with De-Noise" has no check in the box, and the box is not blue.  If the box has a check in it and is blue, uncheck the box and it will turn clear.  The following should have checks in the blue boxes:  Video Processing, Send Video, Receiving Video.  Nothing else needs to be changed.  Then choose the Back arrow at the top left to return back to the live Zoom meeting.  See if this works for you as it did for me.  

Didn't work for me. Very frustrating!


Turning of 'Optimize Video Quality with De-Noise' worked for me too 👍  It's been a frustrating couple of weeks 😞  Many thanks to Polochon.


I tried the De-noise item as well but did not seem to do much if anything for me.


The common denominator here for this thread and for a couple of others now operating in the forum is that Zoom introduced a video bug with the most recent update and needs to fix it and dispatch an update.

This happens sometimes with product development.  However is this is not getting fixed and may require me to purchase a new computer with a different processor it's a deal killer for me.  There are other competitors out there now.


'Bug', or 'excessive processing demand'?  I too had been browsing for a new(er) PC.  Maybe it's time for a ZoomLite? 

My thoughts are a bug.   I participate in meetings with 80 or more people sometimes and it was not happening with the last version of the app.  I also co-host and screen share from time to time with the same number of people as well as above and below that number.  The last version did not give me a problem.  


It's bad enough a lot of people will need new systems because of Windows 11 compatibility.  For me, Win 10 works through 2025 and Win 10 22H2 is almost the same as Win 11, at least functionally and less the new on board security features.  


I may try to track down a past copy of the last version before this one for installation if the De-Noise feature check box doesn't work.  The problem for the rest of us is that these updates are forced at launch of the app.  I know of no other that does this.  Maybe I missed the manual update check box.


The growing evidence is that this happened with the current version.  If this is being tied to video processors then Zoom will be losing a lot of people.  I'm not a gamer with a water cooled system.  My system is quite utilitarian.  Let's see how this plays out.  Clearly there are multiple suggestions for a fix and they are not working for everyone from the multiple threads now running.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer


Zoom support can look at your log files if you want to open a special kind of support ticket

Here’s how;

Sign in to Zoom desktop client.
Click your profile picture, then click Settings.
Click Statistics

Click Send report.
Select a product from the Productdrop-down list.
Select a problem from the Problem drop-down list, and specify the date and time that the problem occurred.
Under Description, enter a brief description of the issue.
Select the check box next to Include log file and system information to send the log files generated by the client to Zoom Support with the problem report.
If you already have a support request open, select the check box next to I have a ticket ID, and enter the ticket number.
Click Send.


If my reply helped, don't forget to click the accept as solution button!e do

Thanks for the offer.  It seems after following some of the suggestions here and making changes to the advanced video settings and a couple of Zoom app updates, the problem seems to have gone away.


Check your Internet bandwidth using an online speed test, such as nperf, Speedtest, or Comparitech. Contact your corporate IT department to check your WiFi hotspot. Turn off group HD in your Account Management if your WiFI bandwidth is insufficient. Turn off your corporate VPN if it's not required for the meeting.





Thanks Diana - 


I'm actually on a 300 MB fiber line.  My system has a 100 Mb back end.  I had the same problem on a different system with a 300 MB back end.  Bandwidth was the first thing I tested.  I'm also hard-wired to the router.


This was an issue with the video processing as experienced by others.  The sound never lost sync.  


Since then the Zoom app has been updated 2-3 times and i also made settings changes as suggested in this thread and I have not experienced this since.  By process of elimination and having the same problem on other computers here, and similar people expressing similar problems, it had to be within the Zoom app itself.  So this appears to have been resolved now.



I too am on a fiber optic line with wide bandwidth, but the problem generally persists. I tried every suggested "fix" on this and other threads, most of which ended up with no picture at all getting to a friend in test zooms. All he would see was a greyed out box when I'd turn on my video. The latest suggestion I encountered was to link the zoom application directly to my Nvidea card. That SEEMS to have eliminated the totally absent video, but I still get a somewhat choppy delivery of my image according to my friend. I'm going to consider that a win for now and stand pat, as I need to be reasonably online to convene and co-host a virtual political convention in four days. Still hoping the Zoom people will figure out what's causing the bug and get it fixed sooner rather than never!