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Unstable connection despite fast and stable Internet service past 4-6 weeks


For the past 4-6 weeks I have been experiencing intermittent unstable Internet connections with every Zoom meeting on paid and unpaid accounts. Over the course of an hour, video and audio freeze with an unstable connection notice 1-2 times, more over a 3-4 hour meeting. Once it completely booted me out of the meeting I was facilitating. This has caused tremendous problems during recording.


I am in a home office running Mac OS 12.6 on an M1 Mac Mini and Zoom 5.15.7. My Internet speed is a gigabit on Ethernet and tests out at excellent speeds when Zoom freezes and I get the unstable connection notice. Still, I've taken to putting my email client and web browser offline when running Zoom, but it has not curtailed the problem.


Internet use in the rest of the home on gigabit speeds is minimal to moderate, with no one else reporting Internet loss or degraded speeds/service, and the rest of my Internet services continue to work. I'm suspecting there may be some kind of problem with the Zoom client and hope Zoom will look into this.




We have had similar issues for last 3 weeks. AT&T blames Zoom. I’m skeptical. 


I am having similar issues with connectivity. This will be the 3rd meeting from which I have been "booted" by Zoom. My Internet connection is strong (ATT 8Gig) and other devices are connected. I checked the hub and it indicated it was connected. There were two meetings where I was a host and was dropped. This will be the second time as a guest at a meeting where I have been dropped. In one of the meetings where I was host, I had decided to make someone else a co-host because we were recording the presentation. Thank the gods because Zoom dropped my connection. In today's meeting where I was a guest, I was dropped 3 times! I have reinstalled and updated my Zoom. What is Zoom doing to correct this issue?