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Unable to use the microphone


I always getting the error message even uninstall and install again.

Failed to detect your microphone. Please make sure your microphone is properly connected.


I also tried to check my laptop setting and it is allow the microphone to access the zoom.


Kindly advise.


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @SY_ . This is a tricky one, and most likely is a question for a Windows (or Mac, or Linux) community.

I can give you my experience with those type of issues and how I have solved it, but not necessarily will be your case. This is unlikely to be an issue of Zoom not having access to the Audio Resources (Mic in this case), but more likely some other Application in your Computer's OS (Operating System) "grabbing/locking exclusively" the resource making it unavailable for Zoom (and maybe other Apps as well) to use it despite the fact that you have properly enabled the access.

Here is what you can check in Windows (I hope somebody else can help you with Mac or Linux); what I will explain is for Windows 11 and you can apply a similar process if you have Windows 10 instead.

  • Open the Windows Control Panel, and select/search/open the icon "Sound"
  • You will see 4 Tabs (Playback, Recording, Sounds, Communications): Select "Recording" since the issue is with the Mic.
  • Select the device in question (Mic) and "Double-click" (or click Properties) to open the Mic Settings
  • Once the Settings Windows opens, go to the "Advanced" Tab, and take a look to the section that says "Exclusive Mode"

Please with those settings to see if you can make it work:  It is very likely that you have another application  running in the background "Taking Control" of the Mic and not letting Zoom to use it.


Even better, if you know that there is another App that could be using the MIC and you are not using it just close it and check if that helps  before making any modifications in the "Control Panel > Sound"


I hope this helps.

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hello @SY_ 

Did the tips help in any way? Or you are still having the issue. A feedback can be useful for other people experiencing the same issue as you.


Regards, Vinnie.