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Unable to turn off passcode, waiting room, authenticated login


I have a paid account, and would like to set up a meeting the anyone in my group can access without me being there.  I went to security settings for my account and found the option to disable the minimum one security option is disabled and a message  to "contact my administrator."  I *am* the administrator of my account, and my account uses my gmail authentication.  Who do I need to contact to change this?


"Require that all meetings are secured with one security option

Require that all meetings are secured with one of the following security options: a passcode, Waiting Room, or "Only authenticated users can join meetings". If no security option is enabled, Zoom will secure all meetings with Waiting Room. Learn more
Per new security guidelines, you cannot change this setting. Please contact your account admin for more information."

Participant | Zoom Partner
Participant | Zoom Partner


On the web portal you have a Personal section, and an Admin section. Try the Admin section.

Under Admin / Account management / Account settings.

If you're admin of the account, you will be able to change settings from there.