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Unable to schedule all meetings


Set up meetings to go through June 3rd.  Click on a meeting and it says meetings are to recur through June 3rd. However, when going through the meetings, the last scheduled meeting is  in May. 


If new meetings are scheduled, the link is different. This is for students, and a link change from the end of May to June is going to cause confusion. How can I add meetings through June so the link is the same as the February through May?



Community Champion

Hello @Boggart,


With recurring meetings there is a maximum number of occurrences of 50.  After 50 occurrences a new MeetingID will be generated.


When scheduling your recurring meeting, choose “No Fixed Time” instead of a recurring interval and then set the recurrence in your mail/calendar settings instead when sending out an invite.  This will prevent the 50 occurrence limit.


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