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Unable to make my real name appear


This seems too simple. When I opened my Zoom account, I wrote in my name. It's always appeared when I enter Zoom meetings or start my own.

Recently updated to the newest version of Zoom. My name now appeared as "user". Well, I figured I needed to go into my Profile and curate that setting. I find my real name still embedded in the settings in my Profile. I erased my real name, wrote in my real name again. Saved it carefully. Exited the online web page for Zoom.

Opened a new Zoom meeting to test it. My name still appears as "users".  I am aware of how to edit that information in an active Zoom meeting- but that does not resolve the problem. I shouldn't have to edit that mistaken ID name for every single Zoom I attend.

Since I did go into the Profile and make sure my real name showed, what is the cause and solution of my still being identified as "user" in all Zoom meetings?

Many thanks.



Hi there,


Please submit a support ticket. They may need to clear some cache at the backend. Thanks.

Please share a link where I can submit the support ticket.

Many thanks to you !!


You can submit a support ticket here: