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Unable to make email meeting invitations


I am using Zoom V 5.9.1 on an iMac V 12.1.  I have been using Zoom with my account for years with no problem. Now, when I create a meeting and try to invite people in via emails, the message that comes up is " Calendar Will Be Unable to send the Invitation. To be able to send invitations, you nee to create an address card for yourself in Contacts."  


I have an address card for myself in Contacts. I am able to send meeting invites with addresses from Contacts with my iPad, but not my iMac.



Hi Handlerstudio,

Sending calendar invites via Zoom's internal module can be tricky, also it requires the recipient to "Download and save" the iCAL or ICS files and open them in their calendars for the event to be added and blocked.

I recommend you use an alternative tool, that helps you send invites at mass/bulk or one-by-one as per your requirement and one that integrates with Zoom as well to help you automate the entire flow.

One such tool I know of is -> this tool is completely online, no download required and it has build Zoom integrations so it can automatically pull new registrations from your meeting or webinar, and send them an automated calendar invite. More over, if you are using Zoom webinars, and you know that each attendee has a personalized login URL, Let's Calendar can also pull and embed the personalized login url's of each recipient while sending the calendar invite.

This way the process is completely automated and the recipients get calendar invites with your name and email address, and they do not need to download and open any files as well, the invites automatically goto their calendar and block the date/time of your meeting/webinars.

Do check them out -