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Unable to login on my laptop to start a meeting


I'm president of a club that has hybrid meetings where some people are at meeting places like a library community room. We change the latter relatively infrequently, but do change them. I also host Zoom meetings from my home office on my laptop, or sometimes on my desktop. 

I tried to log into Zoom and stopped with the demand that I go to that "other device" that I use to authenticate. The "other device" was presumably my Desktop. There was an option to retrieve a code from email, but, of course, Gmail also refused to log me in and wanted me to go to another account, which happened to be another Gmail account. And so it went.

Of course, the meeting was without the Zoom component. I can't tell you how frustrating and infuriating this is.  Is there a way to authenticate a laptop so that one can log in from different networks?




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Authentication is only required for the HOST and is IP based. So one possibility to avoid having to authenticate is to use the desktop from home via remote desktop software such as RealVNC from your laptop to start the meeting. Then join the meeting from the laptop and use the remote desktop software to reassign the host or make the laptop a co-host. I use this technique in Church buildings to permit various account holders to use the same device and its associated audio and video devices to start and manage Zoom meetings for different congregation meetings from their own account when they are physically located elsewhere.