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Unable to Join or Start Meeting via Zoom Window Desktop Client


No problem whatsoever via my mobile device or mac laptop.


Unfortunately, since yesterday, I can not join or start zoom meetings via zoom window desktop client. 


No error code has been reported so far. 


Please sort out this pet peeve. I have absolutely no idea what I need to do.


Community Champion

Hi @segwangkim 


What version of the client are you currently running?  You may want to just update to the latest if you have not done so already.  The upgrade itself may resolve this issue.  Upgrading Zoom to the latest version – Zoom Support


Thx for replying.  Unfortunately, I have already reinstall Zoom-window several times, resulting in no difference. The current version is the latest 5.8.4 (1736). Also, I cannot open the setting icon (the gear icon at the top-right corner) too.

Lets go through one other step before we dig deeper into this.  From what I'm seeing this may just be a Mac permission that is missing so we need to maybe just get the client uninstalled in total before reinstalling.  Can you please go ahead and Uninstall your client according to this article, then restart your Mac and then reinstall the client.  How to uninstall Zoom – Zoom Support