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Unable to Join Meeting - Invalid Password (though it is correct)


Any suggestions!?   One particular meeting that I join several times a month ... has recently not allowed access .. "invalid password" even thought the Meeting ID and Password are correct.   I've restarted my computer...tried different browsers ... logged off my zoom account and back on ... nothing works.  Confirmed with host and others can join but I can't.  

All other zoom meetings work ... just this one prevents me from joining.  Thoughts?  Thanks so much in advance. 



Restart your computer and modem. This should fix any network connection issues.
If signing out of your account and logging back in did not solve the problem, pursue further troubleshooting steps.

Clear Your Teams Desktop Client Cache
If the desktop client got stuck, try clearing the cache. Close Teams and follow the steps below.

Type %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams in the Windows Search bar.
Open the Cache folder and delete all the files. Check if you can join the meeting after you do teams cache folder
If the issue persists, continue clearing the following cache folders:
\\%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\application cache\cache
\\%appdata%\Microsoft\teams\Local Storage
Launch Teams again. Check if the issue is gone now.

Use the Teams Web App
If this issue affects the desktop client, check if you can join the meeting using the Microsoft Teams web app. Try to access Teams in private or incognito mode.

Use the Teams mobile app if you already installed it on your phone. Alternatively, you can join up the meeting on your phone and then transfer the call to your desktop.

If this only a local glitch, you should be able to log in and join the meeting on another app or device.

Book the Meeting in Teams
Some users suggested that booking the meeting directly in Teams should prevent such issues. It appears that Outlook and Teams sometimes fail to sync all the information from the user profile.

It seems that users who booked the meeting in Outlook experienced meeting connection problems more frequently.

Update Microsoft Teams
If there’s a new Teams desktop client version available, install it and check if this quick solution did the trick. Certain features may not work properly on outdated Teams versions.

Click on your profile picture and click on Check for
Install the updates, restart Teams, restart your computer.

Try to join the meeting again.

Furthermore, if you’re using an email security gateway, you may experience the same issue. This is because the tool rewrites the Teams Meeting invitation URLs for external meetings. That’s why the Join button does not work for external attendees. Or you often experience this problem with meetings organized by external parties.

On the other, internal invitations should work just fine because the email security gateway does not alter the URL.



Reinstall the Teams App
If nothing worked, uninstall Teams.

Go to Control Panel, select Programs and Features.
Then click on Uninstall a program, and select Microsoft Teams.
Click on Uninstall to remove the desktop client.uninstall microsoft teams
Restart your computer and install Teams again.



Rachel Gomez