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Unable to Edit Meeting


I'm having some issues with my Zoom App.  It started with not syncing select meetings (I use the Zoom plugin for Outlook) for weeks, completely hit or miss what would show up in my Upcoming Meetings tab on the app.  Randomly today, 3 meetings that never showed up finally did (yay!- don't know how or why).  However, I am unable to edit them from the app.  I need to disable auto-recording for this specific upcoming meeting, but have no way of editing the settings.  


I've attached a screenshot as well.  


thanks for any ideas anyone has! 


Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

A couple of things strike me in the screenshot you provided.


  1. The latest version of the Zoom client version 5.11.10 (which is what I'm testing on) displays a greyed-out "Edit" button, not the absence of the "Edit" button. It's displayed greyed-out because I own the meeting and it is currently in progress.
  2. The absence of the "Edit" button in your screenshot makes me think you're looking at these meetings as an invited attendee, not the owner of the meeting. 
  3. Could you possibly be signed in with a different account that has been invited or by chance an Alternate Host?

Just some thoughts.

Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen

Hi Jeff,


I am the host of the meeting, I blocked out my surname but you can see it's the same for all the meetings in the screenshot, all from my work account.  I know it's work and not an accidental personal login also because I use two different surnames (luckily it's easy to tell!).   All my other meetings show the normal Edit, See Invitation, etc. boxes.  I'm at a complete loss. 

Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

I recall seeing a similar display on my Zoom client a little while back. At least as much as being presented with a "Join" button instead of the "Start" button on a meeting that I created and host every week. Then after installing an update or two that problem disappeared.

I'm at a bit of a loss as well with the issue you're experiencing, but I would compare the Zoom Client versions on the computers that are displaying properly against this one that is giving you issue.

Good luck, and sorry I couldn't be more help.

Jeff Widgren | Host of Zoom Test Kitchen

Thanks for trying! I uploaded another two screenshots after updating to the version you mentioned.  You can see I'm hosting both meetings, one giving me the start and other buttons, and the meeting in question showing as if I'm not the host.  Sigh. 

Hi alippinc,


I have noticed a new setting under meetings in the web portal that may have something to do with your Outlook synch issues. Under "In Meeting Advanced" there is now a calendar and contacts bi-directional synch setting. You may want to try to toggle this to the on position to see if solves your issues. Also, if you are unable to edit a meeting from the App you can always log into the web portal Video Conferencing, Cloud Phone, Webinars, Chat, Virtual Events | Zoom and edit them (inconvenient but an option).


Bi-directional synch KB.

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Thanks Chris,


Unfortunately in the web portal it doesn't sync the meetings at all (complete hit or miss and cannot figure out why) where it randomly does in the app after I recently updated it.  I've toggled the bi-directional sync settings but still do not see the meetings appear in the web app.  They do appear now in the app but still stuck with the same Join buttons, as if i'm not the host and no option to edit. I'll attempt to restart everything after a meeting and see if the toggle makes a difference on the app.  


Thanks for your help- fingers crossed it helps. 


Something similar happened to me. I have a feeling I know why it happened. I do have a meeting sitting there in my app that I can’t delete or change and it doesn’t show up if I check the web-based  zoom. I believe it showed up after I was in a meeting, handed over the hosting to someone else and left. It didn’t seem to affect my recurring meetings but the first time I created a new meeting it was stuck in limbo( only a “join” button, as if someone else created it) After that I created the second meeting with a similar name and it was fine. This happened once before but somehow I was able to get rid of the bad meeting. 

I was able to resolve the problem by deleting the app on my iPad and downloading it again from the cloud. Now the dummy account disappeared.