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Unable to Annotate on Shared Screen


Im a tutor. After the latest update, almost all of my students cant annotate whenever I'm sharing my screen. Some can annotate after reinstalling the app, but its very inconsistent, as halfway through the lesson the annotation tool just stopped working.

The annotate icon is there but when they tap on it nothing happens. 



Hello! Have you resolved the issue? I am experiencing the same thing. Whenever I press the annotate icon (pen), nothing happens. I've deleted and downloaded Zoom several times but it's still the same. I am using an IPad BTW. 

Yes, the issue resolved itself the day after. Like all those comments you see online, it is very inconsistent and nobody seems to know whats wrong. So we wont know when its gonna fail again.

Make sure all your iOS is updated, try from time to time (2-3 times a day, I would suggest). Good luck. 

Good for you! I will try my luck in a while. Thank you for your response!