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URGENT help request for meeting today with 100 attendees - several questions


Hi - I am hosting a meeting today with 100 attendees.


1. Registration was required and attendees received the confirmation email.  Do they also automatically receive a reminder?  Or will they get any type of notification?


2.  I want to resend the confirmation email to everyone (because I am not sure if they receive a reminder).  I open the list of registrants >> select all >> see the button to "Resend Confirmation Email".  Does this select ALL 100 registrants across the 8 pages, OR just the ones on the 14/100 on the first page of the list?  Do I need to select all registrants on EACH page and click the Resend button?


One of the attendees will be co-presenting with me and sharing her screen.  This is my plan.  Is this process the way to go?  I start the meeting early > my-co presenter joins early  >> She unmutes and turns on video  >> I give her access to share her screen >> admit all registrants into the room >> I introduce here and she presents.   Will this work?


Thank you for your help!




Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Welcome to the Zoom Community, @AllanFON 


Automated reminders have to be enabled:




If you send the reminders manually, you have to go page by page and do all of them. This is really designed for sending individual reminders to people who claim to not have received one previously. 

If your co-presenter is entered as a Panelist, she can enter the Webinar once you are in the Practice Session (before clicking the blue Start Webinar button).  You’re plan will work, and this is the best option. 

If your co-presenter is registered only as an attendee, you will not be able to admit her until the blue Star Webinar button is clicked. You’ll have to look for her in the Attendee tab of the Participants window and “Promote” her to Panelist. 

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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The easiest way is to use salepager