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URGENT - Recovered Zoom Link Different from Original



I accidentally created two Zoom links for the same meeting.  I sent a calendar appointment to one group with one link and to another group with the other link.  I canceled the first Zoom, not realizing what I had done.  I now need to use that original link instead of the 2nd one.  The meeting still exists in my deleted meetings so I have been able to recover it.  However, the link is now different.  The meeting ID is the same, but all of the other text after that is different.  Does that matter?  Can I share the original link and will it still work?





I, too, somehow ended up with two links for the same meeting. I'm not sure if it was changing the passcode or something else that caused the link to change. Thankfully, they both seem to work with the new passcode, but I'm not seeing the old link - the one everybody was given - anywhere on the Zoom portal, including in Deleted Meetings. At least the Meeting ID did not change. I think that's why the old link still works.


Since it was originally set up as a recurring meeting, I think the old link will continue to work for 365 days after it is last used, but it is a little disconcerting to not be able to find it on the Zoom portal. I’ve got my fingers crossed that it will work when we meet next week. I hope your original link worked with your recovered meeting.