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Two connected rooms?


Hi everybody,


is it possible to have a meeting divided into two rooms with one observing the other? Meaning, one room would have an interviewer and interviewee, the other room would have plenty of observers and an interpreter if possible. Is it possible for the observer room to watch the conversation between interviewer and interviewee + have an interpreter for it, without the interviewee to see them?


My company has a licensed plan.


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @mchalupnik, rooms cannot see what's going on in the other room unless this workaround may work. The host in the main room screen shares the breakout rooms (the observers).


With a breakout room in progress, you have the ability to share to breakout rooms. Also, keep in mind to have 'show my zoom windows to other participants when screen sharing' selected in the Zoom client settings > Share Screen.


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