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Turn off thumbnail when sharing screen with video


I would like to remove the thumbnail that appears when I (as host) am screen sharing a video.  All participants inc host muted.

The speaker thumbnail appears on the screen (top right) of those watching on iPads and also the Youtube live capture.

It does not appear on the host screen or windows laptop.


I was previously able to get round this by switching off host video (so host icon appeared instead of host video) and then quickly unmuting and muting host audio. This made host the last speaker and as host video was off, no thumbnail appeared.


After recent updates this no longer works.


Please advise how to turn off the thumbnail when sharing screen with video.



Community Champion | Customer
Community Champion | Customer

Hi, @RW009,


I don't know that there's  a definitive answer to this, but I'll tell you my experience for you to try.  In a webinar, the Host must set the Attendee view to Standard and remove all spotlighting and all mics must be muted.  This gives the attendees just a Screen Share to view, and no user video.  I believe the streamed content and recordings will follow that format as well.


I recommend trying this in a test webinar to see if it provides the results you're looking for.

Ray - / aka "Old Desert Lizard"
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