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Trying to join two zoom meetings to deal with current meeting limitations


We are looking to join two zoom meetings together, not have to separate meetings or joining multiple meetings on the same client. Because of limitations on both user count and breakout rooms and being in an education type setting our thought is to join two max meetings. Having the instructor in meeting A and additional students beyond the max in meeting B. Then with a combination of “streaming” laptops or a hardware splitter/combiner like an ATEM mini extreme to then have students in meeting B interact with the teacher in meeting A, but be broadcast back to A and B.


The question is any recommendations to do this, we are looking at OBS, again ATEM, other video/audio capture for virtual video and audio, and looking for the communities help. So far the ATEM seems best and requires someone to “man” the device because it’s resolved the audio feedback and that’s the main issue with the capture device only solutions we have tried. Because when someone shares in B we have a second laptop getting A/V in B relaying as a parity company in meeting A for B->A sharing, and a second laptop with that reverses for A->B. And that causes feedback based on delays, mic settings being all over the board with the students, etc.


Mainly looking for overall ideas for a solution, and/or how to avoid the audio feedback.


Thanks in advance, until zoom can manage 2000 students and the 300+ breakout rooms we need 🙂


Zoom Moderator
Zoom Moderator

Hey @johneadlee, I apologize for the delayed response and for not seeing this sooner. Has this problem persisted for you? If so, I would like to help you out.


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