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Try to add zoom meeting to web outlook 365. keeps cycling back to log in page


hi All,


I wonder whether anyone can help.


I have the add in on my Microsoft web 365 for zoom. When I click on add zoom meeting, but asks if I will allow a new page. I say yes. The log in page for zoom comes up. I put in my details correctly. the page goes then I get another question asking if I would allow a new page. If I say no, nothing happens and the calendar event page just says 'adding zoom meeting' but it never completes. If I say yes to allow the new page top up, it asks me for my log in details again!


So I'm going round in a circle??? Anyone able to help?



Yes, this is a common problem. The Zoom plugin will not stay logged when using it with "Outlook on the Web" (as Microsoft calls it). I think this has to do with browser/cookie issues, because the problem is replicated across different browsers. Basically you're forced to log in again every day, regardless of the "Remember Me" checkbox.


Hi DrElliott - did you ever solve this issue? I see the one reply you got was really about a different problem, but I'm having precisely the problem you indicated. Unfortunately, I cannot identify any fixes.


I am having this same issue on 3 different Mac OS X browsers. Weirdly enough, I am unable to replicate this issue on Windows.