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Trim video feature is stuck


We recorded a video at a meeting last night (Oct 6). This afternoon I trimmed the video, cutting out some non-essential stuff from the beginning. It has now shown "trimming in progress" for 6 HOURS. I need to share the video with our group, but no one can access it while trimming is happening (says zoom). I also do not see an option to cancel out of the trimming and try again. I've tried logging out and logging in, I've tried on a different computer, nothing. Help!!



Hi, my recording was stuck like that for 4 days, and you're right, it's very frustrating.  I finally typed 'talk to a human' into the AI bot. Amazingly, a human responded! She was very helpful, and referred my recording number to the engineering department, which restored it within 24 hours. With some trepidation, I trimmed it again, and it trimmed after about 5 minutes. Good luck!


Hello, I used to trim my videos very quickly.  It was instantaneous and now it takes so long.  What change did they make that it is taking so long now?