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Transfer Recurring Mtg Between Two Totally Independent Paid Accounts


The scenario is two totally independent paid accounts. One wants to stop paying but has a recurring meeting. Can it be transferred to the other. The issue is around the meeting ID and password. We want to maintain it - hence the reason to transfer it instead creating a new one.


Community Champion

There is no way to transfer a meeting between 2 independent accounts, but there is a longer way to do this. 

The user with the recurring meeting can be invited to the new account. Once they join, they can either use scheduling privilege to move the recurring series to the new user (requires both users be licensed), or that user can be deleted and have all their existing meetings transferred to a new user. 


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Hello Bort. I am trying to transfer meeting IDs between 2 accounts I currently own; my personal account and an account I'm creating for a Group I have been hosting for. Following your instructions, the best I could, I have discovered that accepting an invitation from the Group account will make me a Basic user, will transfer ALL of my meeting IDs, and will refund(close) my personal account. 

I want to maintain my personal account with the remaining meeting IDs. Am I attempting to do something that requires the help of Zoom support? 

Thank You for your knowledge and direction.


Community Champion

Hi @HugoN, unfortunately there is no official way to transfer meetings between completely independent accounts. There are a few workarounds, such as the one I described above, but as you said, that method will cause you to lose your account (although you can recreate your account afterwards). If you can get in contact with Zoom Support, they might be able to help you with this, but I am unsure. 

Community Champion

My name is Brandon. Thanks for joining the Zoom Community! You can Link Accounts to your Orginization if this is what you are attempting to do. Or, you can ask the account owner of the second account to Associate to your Zoom account

by inviting them into the account, and then when you no longer need that meeting ID any longer you can disassociate the user from your "main" zoom account or organization. Please note that the user will still need licensing to utilize Zoom in the manner that he did on his independent paid account. 

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